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Los Angeles, California

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Sold Paintings Hanging Around the World

"Checkered Skirt" (Detail) Palm Springs, California 

"Mr. Washington" Los Angeles, California 

"Blue Line"  Palm Springs, California 

David Hinnebusch Artwork insitu Los Angeles California 2018

David Hinnebusch Artwork insitu Santa Monica California
"Venice Waves Goodbye" & "Drop Out"  Black & Blue, Santa Monica, California 

Color on the Wall by David Hinnebusch
 "Color on the Wall"  Montréal, Québec

"INRI" Los Angeles, California 

"Angel Island" Lankoka Harbor, New Jersey 

"Hinnequinn Painting" Miami, Florida 

"Skelly Rower" & "Out of Gas" Brentwood, Los Angeles, California 

Poseurs of Society, Venice, California

Artist Statement

"Castle in the Sky" Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

"Missy Gets a New Dress" Montréal, Québec

"Vik Sails" Beverly Hills, California

Culver City, California



"Speedboat in St. Tropez" San Francisco, California 

"Goldie" and three art hearts in situ Palm Springs, California 

"Red Line to Santa Monica" Palm Springs, California 

"Red Skeleton Guard" West Los Angeles, California 

Blue Wave in situ

Blue Wave 48x48in. mixed media on mailbag and wood - The Hamptons, Long Island

"Green Dragons"  acrylic on paper framed - Los Angeles, California 


see dees

"Sea of Deeds" Santa Monica, California 

Alx Collection

"A Cave Couple" West Hollywood, California 

Big Skull by David Hinnebusch
"Big Skull" Santa Monica, California

"Carousel" Santa Monica, California

red head at paradise cove wearing chucks

Red Head Wearing Chucks at Paradise Cove  acrylic on acrylic - Santa Monica, California
"Figure" Montréal, Québec

Malibu, California

Wheat pasting David Hinnebusch art for the Exit the Gift-shop guy 2011
Hollywood, California 2011

Whole Foods, Venice, California

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New Paintings 2016

John and Diana Interview David Hinnebusch at his studio in Santa Monica

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